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Product Benefits

  • It takes only minutes
  • Extremely accurate
  • High level of sensitivity (99.8%)
  • High level of specificity (99.8%)
  • User-friendly
  • Easy storage, long shelf life
  • Ease of interpretation
  • Mobile kit (use at your convenience)
  • Identical kits are used by government hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and test labs
  • 100,000s used worldwide in countries like the US, United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa

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  • Genuine HIV Test Kit
  • Complete anonymity
  • Discreet packaging with no mention of our company name or website name
  • Content description would not be specific

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Easy Step-by-Step Testing

  • Collect blood from finger
  • Place blood on test device
  • Add diluent solution

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  • Why should I get tested?
  • When should I test?
  • What if the result is positive?

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HIV home test kit from

HIV tests can now be easily performed at home to detect the HIV virus within your body. The virus causes AIDS and attacks the very immune cells that assist the human body in fighting against such infections. After some time, this can debilitate your immune system and make it impossible to ward off other severe illnesses. The HIV test kit would enable you to know whether your body has been exposed to the virus, so that you can get the required timely medical treatment and abstain from infecting others. To make this task easier, has designed a special HIV home test kit that allows you to determine your HIV status at any point of time that is convenient for you. Our kit for the HIV blood test has undergone extensive scrutiny by international organizations and is a recommended product by various renowned doctors and medical institutions. The test for HIV is simple to perform and just needs tiny drop(s) of blood to give you an extremely accurate result within minutes. If your HIV test results are positive, then it is your responsibility to take all the necessary steps to avoid the spreading of this virus to other individuals.

Get immediate results with an HIV rapid test to save valuable lives has a kit for the HIV rapid test – which detects the presence of the HIV virus in your blood sample. This HIV antibody test is extremely accurate in finding an HIV infection if contracted more than six weeks prior to the testing. All usage instructions are clearly provided in the inserts of the home HIV test kit to exactly explain how it should be used. If your test result is positive for HIV, it is best to speak to a qualified health professional to discuss all the likely consequences in detail. We can also assist you in finding the best specialist in your local area and put you in contact with the local support clubs. In fact, you should without delay also contact your local healthcare professional or sexual health clinic that will perform a confirmatory HIV Elisa test and give you the necessary advice.