Hepatitis B Test Kit Instructions

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Hepatitis B Test Kit instructions – LT Labs


The iCARE One Step HBsAg Test is a colloidal gold enhancedimmunoassay for the determination of HBV surface antigen (HBsAg)in human whole blood, serum or plasma. Goat anti‐HBsAg antibodyis immobilized in the test region on nitrocellulose membrane. Duringthe assay specimen is allowed to react with the colored conjugate(antibody‐colloidal gold conjugate); the mixture then migrateschromatographically on the membrane by the capillary action. AnHBsAg positive specimen produces a distinct color band in the testregion, formed by the specific antibody‐HBsAg‐colored conjugatecomplex. Absence of this colored band in the test region suggests anegative result. A colored band always appears in the control regionserving as procedural control regardless of the test result.



Each Kit Contains:

• Test cards individually foil pouched with a desiccant

• Plastic dropper

• Sample diluent

• Safety lancet

• Alcohol swab

• Package insert



• All the kit reagents must be stored at 2‐30℃in the sealed pouchand under dry conditions until expiration date.



1. Bring the HBSAG test card, sample diluent, alcohol swab, safetylancet, plastic dropper to room temperature.

2. Take out the test card from the sealed pouch.

3. To perform the HBSAG test, please follow the steps closely as follows.


Usage Instructions – iCare Chlamydia Home Test Kit


















Do not interpret test result after 20 minutes

1. Positive: A purplish test band appearing in the test region indicates a positive result. The lower the concentration is, the weaker the test band may be.

2. Negative: The absence of a purplish test band in the test region indicates a negative result.

3. Invalid: There should always be a purplish control band in the control region regardless of test result. If control band is not seen,the test is considered invalid and should be repeated using a new test kit.

The iCare Hepatitis B Test Kit instructional video is identical to the iCare HIV test kit instructional video. Please follow the same steps as in the HIV test kit instructions page.

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