One of the most crucial and effective weapons in the fight against HIV & AIDS is testing. It is in fact an important first step in preventing the further spread of HIV. However, preventive measures can only be successfully carried out if people are serious and co-operative enough. The test must be reliable, fast, accurate, convenient, discreet, and affordable. If results are positive, the patient can then proceed to obtain further confirmatory tests and professional counselling. With early intervention, there is every possible chance to lead a healthier and prolonged life.

The key to living a healthy life with HIV is being diagnosed early. The first practical level of awareness is to get tested either independently through reliable home test kits or through the hospitals. If you are identified positive, find a HIV specialist. Getting into the care of a HIV specialist is the next level and this approach represents an essential part of staying healthy and alive.

If you suspect a possible infection, it is ideal to take a HIV rapid test as soon as possible.

The “window period” is the time taken by the human body to create HIV antibodies. Medically, this process is known as seroconversion. During the window period, because of the lack of HIV antibodies present in the bodily fluids that can be detected by the HIV rapid test kit, a negative result can be shown. The duration of the window period can be from 3 weeks to 6 months. Most individuals develop detectable antibodies within 3 months of HIV infection while there are rare cases where it took as long as 6 months. Hence, it is recommended to purchase more than 1 test kit for subsequent testing.

Depending on individuals, it is advised to have 2 (two) tests 1-3 (one to three) months apart. During this period of testing, it is advised to completely abstain from activities that might result in possible HIV infection.

No test is 100% accurate. Although the sensitivity and specificity of our HIV rapid testing kit are each greater than 99%, false positives might possibly occur. It is recommended to test more than once for additional results verification.

Today, there are many medications available; please consult your doctor for further suggestions. There are also confirmatory tests such as the Western Blot and the PCR tests to confirm your HIV status. These tests are more specific than the antibodies test. Your doctor will also be able to refer you to proper counselling services and medical treatment. Early knowledge and treatment will prolong your life as well as improve the quality of life, which explains the great importance of performing a HIV screening.

Same as previously mentioned, there is the possibility of the virus not being detected during the window period. Hence, it is also recommended to test more than once for additional results verification.

They have greater than 99% sensitivity and 99% specificity.

Sensitivity measure the proportion of actual positives which are correctly identified while specificity means the proportion of actual negatives which are correctly identified.

No. The iCare rapid test kit is firstly double sealed in air tight packaging and the lancet is sterilised. Secondly, they are manufactured under good manufacturing practices (GMP) and conform to ISO 13485 International Medical Devices Standard.

No. The lancet is for single usage only. For safety purposes, once the lancet is used for pricking, it would be retracted so as to prevent needle injuries to others. The test kit is for single use only.

The iCare range of products have been successfully introduced and used worldwide. Organisations such as WHO (World Health Organisation) and USAID (United States Agency for International Development) have already evaluated our products.

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