Gonorrhea Test Kit Instructions

You can view or print the Gonorrhea Test Kit Instructions located below:


1. This kit is for in vitro use only. Do not swallow.

2. All specimens should be treated as potentially infectious.

3. Discard after use. The test cannot be used more than once.

4. Do not use test kit beyond the expiration date.

5. Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or not well sealed.

6. Do not mix the covers of Buffer A and Buffer B.

7. Keep out of reach of children.

8. DISPOSAL OF THE DIAGNOSTIC: Used components may carry the risk of infection and must be disposed with care.



1. One pouch containing a test cassette and a desiccant (the desiccant is for storage purposes only, and is not used in the test).

2. Buffer A and Buffer B solution bottles.

3. A dropper (micro pipette), 2 swabs, and a mixing tube with cap. Please note: For a female patient, both swabs are needed to collect the specimen. For a male patient, only one swab is required.

4. Leaflet with instructions for use.


Collecting the Specimen:

1. Start up by adding 300 μl (about 6 drops) of buffer A to the given mixing tube, by squeezing the drops through the tip of the buffer bottle (not using the micro pipette). Then use a swab to collect a specimen from your body in the following suggested methods:

a) For male patient: Insert the swab into the urethra of the penis. Gently rotate with sufficient pressure to dislodge the epithelial cells. Allow the swab to remain inserted for a few seconds after rotation. Carefully remove the swab avoiding contact with any external surfaces

b) For female patient: Use swab number 1 to remove any discharges from the vaginal opening. Then insert swab number 2 into the vagina for half a minute and retrieve swab. Carefully remove the swab, avoiding contact with any external surfaces.

2. Place the swab into the mixing tube and mix well with buffer A, so that discharges are well suspended in the buffer A. Keep the swab immersed for 5 minutes.
3. Add 300 μl (6 drops) of buffer B to the tube. Cap the tube and stir the solution with the swab for 10 seconds. Then, remove and discard the swab.

Analysing the Specimen:

1. Use the dropper to draw 0.1 ml (about 4 drops) of the sample solution, and dispense it into the well of the cassette.

2. Wait 10 –15 minutes and read the results. Do not read results after 20 minutes, as a faint 2nd line may appear after that.


Positive (+):
Rose-pink bands are visible both in the control region and the test region. The sample indicates that the patient is infected.

Negative (-):
A rose-pink band is visible in the control region. No color band appears in the test region. The sample indicates that the patient is not infected.

No visible band at all, or there is a visible band only in the test region but not in the control region. The test is a fault, either because the solution added is incorrect or the test strip is faulty. No conclusion can be drawn about the status of infection of the person. Please re-test with a new test kit.

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